Leakey in the Fall - Texas Hill Country Beauty That's Yet Unsurpassed

By Spring Sault 

Sometimes you can truly experience autumn in the Texas Hill Country, and other times you have to live vicariously through a YouTube video. Luckily, in the case of the latter, you can do so while sipping your favorite fall-time beverage (like warm apple cider, or even a hot chocolate), whilst sitting in the comfort of your air-conditioned home (because it may feel more like 90 degrees than a seasonal 65), enjoying the sounds of absolutely no traffic, no other people, and no screams from your significant other while they run, arms flailing, from a spider that landed on them in the great outdoors! This is the experience you can have while watching scenes from Leakey, Texas in the fall time, on an online video.

Darlene Weeks published the video to her YouTube channel on December 3 of 2011. Since then, a little over 1,700 viewers have tuned in to its peaceful music, seamless fade-ins and outs, and gorgeous natural scenery of the area in all of its autumn glory. Aptly titled “Autumn in Leakey Texas 2011,” this 7.5-minute montage of local water features, leaf colors, and rock formations and outcroppings provide just a taste of the real thing. But, it’s just enough to keep you tuning in when it’s time to shut out the rest of the world and get a look at what the locals get to enjoy.

Although this video was shot six years ago now, the footage remains relevant. How timeless is it to feel a sense of state pride while looking at the work that nature’s canvas supports in the Texas Hill Country? It’s amazing! And, if watching this video doesn’t pique your curiosity for the area, and make you want to pack a bag, a camera, and jump in the car to check it out, maybe it wasn’t playing loud enough…or clear enough?! If this locale is out of the question for you in terms of a Texas road trip, never fear. You can always deposit this little video in your Favorites bar on your browser and re-watch anytime you feel a case of the I-can’t-road-trip-in-Texas blues coming on!


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