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Leakey is a city in and the county seat of Real County, Texas, United States. The city is named for John H. Leakey, a pioneer from Tennessee. Leakey depends heavily on tourism because of the existence of the nearby Frio River and Garner State Park. The Alto Frio Baptist Encampment is located to the southeast of the community.

Archaeological excavations in the Frio Canyon region revealed Paleo-American, Archaic, and Neo-American occupations. Later, several Native American tribes, including Lipan Apache, Comanche, and Tonkawa inhabited or traversed the area. Anglo-American settlement of the area began in 1856 when John Leakey, his wife Nancy, and a few others settled near a spring along the banks of the Frio River. Leakey was formally incorporated on June 11, 1951.


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